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Magic Eye

As a literature teacher, I often referred my students to stereograms, often called “Magic Eye Pictures.”  Try doing a web search to find some of these pictures on the Web.  These pictures were very popular several decades ago during the 1990s, so many people today may have not heard of them today.

Briefly looking at the pictures will show arrangements of shapes and colors that merely seem like beautiful patterns, but nothing more.  However, by using a special visual technique, one may suddenly see another image emerge that is no longer two-dimensional.  Instead, a three-dimensional image may appear from the designs, perhaps of a shark or a pirate ship, for example.  (See the descriptions and examples at this web site:

Students who see these images always react with delight and enthusiasm, much like seeing a 3-D film for the first time.  In many ways, it parallels a seeker of God’s wisdom who suddenly is enlightened, for quite often joy is the result.

My purpose was to show my students that a story or a poem may actually be nothing more than black marks on white pages to unperceptive readers.  However, the best  texts will engage the reader to the point that a third image, or even multiple images, may appear with depths of meaning.

Unfortunately, we often find ourselves reading whole paragraphs or pages and not even remembering what we have read.

By both reading and meditating on the Word of God, however, we become so absorbed in the meaning of the text that we are no longer aware of the words on the page (see Psalms 1).  We experience the delight of hearing personally from the Holy Spirit and are filled with joy at the revelations we receive.



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  • By Patrick Kennedy, July 8, 2014 @ 11:32 am

    I’ve always hated these things. Being color blind I can’t ever do them. A bit off topic, but I had to vent 🙂

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