You Better Belize It!

Jan and I just returned from our trip to Belize on Tuesday (April 26th) after spending one week in the beautiful Hopkins Village.  It was our second trip to Belize, our first since being there nine years ago.

Our rented cabana was right on the beach, where we could go for exhilarating morning swims in the warm ocean water.  All of the days were quite warm, and we were having to drink a lot of water, as we ate the enticing food of the Garifuna people and walked along the main road.

school kids buying lunch from street vendor

Belize school kids buying lunch from a street vendor.

Significantly, before we left on our one-week vacation travels, which I knew would be long and frustrating since we had three flights to catch on the way and four on the way home, I received a “vision,” or gained “insight,” into possible ministry in Belize. I saw myself and my wife working with the local churches to establish a Christian school for children, or at least an after school program with Bible teaching. Currently, the school for children in Hopkins Village is run by the Catholic Church, and it includes regular Catholic religious training.


Public/Catholic school in Hopkins Village

While in Hopkins, we also met and talked with the warm, spirit-filled Pastor Herdie , who with his wife, Victoria, who had led the “Ligillisi Lareini Bungiu,” or “God Reins Chapel” in Hopkins Village for 30 years.

20160420_182535 (1)

God Reins Chaple in Hopkins, Belize

Due to work schedules, the mostly Garifuna people all gathered at 7:00 p.m. for an edifying time of worship and praise, followed by an inspirational message by Pastor Herdie.

Pastor Herdie leads worship.

In addition, we also want to begin a home ministry with the many “Ex-pats” in the area (mainly retirees from the U.S. and Canada). Jan and I have wanted to be missionaries since the earliest days of our marriage, which is rapidly reaching our 47th anniversary.  We are believing, therefore, that this is our opportunity to share the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to others in foreign lands.  We are in the process of purchasing a lot on which we will build a home that we believe will also provide space for discipleship and Bible teaching.


Swimming after school.

Kids after school.

Kids after school.

Needless to say, this will be a huge change of direction in our lives, one that will bring tremendous joy, but also sorrow as we leave our children and grandchildren, even if only for part of the year.  We are hoping we can continue living in the Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, for much of the year (how about spring and summer! And maybe fall also!).

Therefore, we ask for your prayers and intercessions for us as we seek God’s wisdom and direction for the future.


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  • By Leslie, August 4, 2016 @ 9:18 am

    Wow Chuck… Great read😊. These are exciting times for both of you. I must admit it was good to see that you will also be living in LH half of the year. We miss our Home Group times😊 Do you have a hard copy of your book at home?? I do so much better with hard copies😊 Well, have a beautiful day🌺

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