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Just off the press and New to You!

My new book (Astonishing Sparks: Biblical Mysteries Revealed) is available now, not only in eBook format (including Kindle, Nook, and other digital readers) but also in hard copy (paperback).  

The new paperback version may be obtained by contacting me directly.  Please send your request, along with your mailing address and $12.00 (covers my costs for printing and mailing only) to the following address:

Newsong, Inc.

209 Hemlock Ridge Road

Jersey Shore, PA 17740 

Also, you may click on the following links to bring up the order forms for the two most popular eBook versions:

Kindle on Amazon

Nook on Barnes and Noble


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Part I:  Introduction:  Seeing Beyond the Literal

Part II: The Spiritual Realm

Part II:  Thinking with the Mind of Christ

Part IV: The Apostle Paul’s Mysticism

Part V:  Engaging in Spiritual Warfare

Part VI: Using Spiritual Weapons

Part VII: Intercessory Prayer in Spiritual Warfare

Part VIII: The End Times

Part IX:  Final Words

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