Moving For Purpose, Part III: Belize Baseball?

Kids after school.

Another Purpose in Belize

My wife Jan and I are moving in one month to Belize with a specific purpose and direction, primarily to begin part-time community service and missions work among the indigenous Garifuna people and the many Expats in the Hopkins Village Area.

However, now I am also motivated to work with the numerous Belizean boys and girls by founding a Little League baseball team/league.  

My Experience

I am a retired Professor of English Language and Literature, with both teaching and administrative experience.  I am also qualified and certified as a middle school and high school teacher, so I have worked professionally with young adults from both the middle and senior high school levels, both as a teacher and also as a high school guidance counselor.  

Since Jan and I also have a number of grandchildren who have played (and are now playing!) on Little League baseball teams, I have recently become very enthusiastic about working with young adults in the Belize area in Central America, where we will be living part-time in the coming years. My understanding is that there are no Little League teams in the Hopkins area, so it may be challenging to start a new team and a new league, especially since the players seem primarily interested in playing on soccer teams as part of their culture.  

On our last visit to Belize, last September 2016, however, we talked to a number of potential baseball players, and they all expressed enthusiasm for playing baseball.  Their only hesitation was due to a lack of equipment and supplies.  They were excited about wearing baseball uniforms, especially a baseball cap like the one I was wearing at the time.  

The need is great in the local Hopkins Village area for activities for these young boys and girls since they seem to wander about the village after their school hours and on weekends, and they don’t seem to have many outlets for training, competition, or organized activities.  

My Background in Baseball

While growing up, I played on a number of baseball teams, including softball teams, and I served as an assistant coach for a high school baseball team in Strathmore, California, where I first began my teaching career.

While I do not consider myself to be a baseball expert, I have been a close follower of the sport my entire life, and I have learned quite a lot about baseball by listening to baseball games on the radio and attending live baseball games in Los Angeles!

I especially appreciate all of the help that has been offered already for this new purpose, in particular from The Potter’s Pallette, my daughter Bethany’s ceramic and painting store in downtown Lock Haven.  She has begun coordinating with me to help provide equipment and supplies for Belize baseball, and so far the response has been exceptionally good, with many people pledging their support and donations of equipment.

New Song’s Help 

While in Belize, I will also continue to operate through the non-profit corporation I founded a number of years ago, both for our community service work, but also for the Little League projects.  If you wish to contact me, you may use the following address:

Newsong, Inc.  C/O  Charles M. Jenkins 

P.O. Box 53

Lock Haven, PA  17745

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