My Apologies!


To All My Biblical Mysteries Subscribers and Friends:

My apologies for not being able to post any blog articles of late due to a “500 Internal Server Error” problem with my program.

I am not a digital native, by any means, so even the “solutions” I’ve been given by the server technicians are unworkable for me so far. I spent 3 hours and some money yesterday with another technician, who “cleaned” all my files, but I still need to work with him again soon.  I’ll keep working on solving the issues, but in the meantime, please pray for me.

My wife Jan and I are currently home in Pennsylvania from  Belize, a wonderful place to be. I didn’t  have great internet access there, and my regular computer/server was in Pennsylvania, so publishing articles there was challenging!  Then when we got home, we found that our PC’s motherboard was fried, and we had to get a new laptop.

We had a great time teaching baseball to the Hopkins Village youth (two practices a week!), making contact with many community people at the same time. Jan prayed with four of the players to invite Jesus to come into their hearts and be their Lord and Savior! She is a terrific witness to the players!  We also prayed with three local women, leading them to the Lord and praying for healing.

Our friend Guadalupe is wonderful, and I am working on getting her biography published as an eBook.  In addition, my wonderful former student Jinping Jiao has translated my Biblical Mysteries Revealed book into Chinese, and I am working on getting that version published as well.

Love to you all in Christ!

Charles Jenkins

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  • By Jinping Jiao, August 3, 2017 @ 11:10 am

    Thanks a lot, Dr. J.!
    All blessings!

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